Description of business activities


・We analyze the business processes of our customers, accurately locate barriers and risks in corporate activities, and formulate corrective measures.
・We provide the information that is necessary for strategic planning, such as market research and analysis.

・Our consultants who are active in each field will address the issues facing our customers about how IT can serve our customers' own businesses and how to incorporate these services into their business.

System integration

・As an independent system integrator, we provide comprehensive information systems, from design and creation to operations and maintenance.

・We offer the most suitable hardware and software combinations for our customers, without regard for brand or manufacturer.

System development

Operating platforms
・We are developing and making use of a wide range of platforms in-house. We are proud of our accomplishments with each of them.

Our E-commerce website management system, the “zu package”
・We offer our customers a flexible management system with features such as searching for complex conditions and grouping by tags.
・This system focuses on improving operational efficiency and seeking financial advantage for our customers. Multiple payment services can be enabled at a low cost, which assist in reducing the loss of good opportunities. In cooperation with the email newsletter distribution management system that we offer, actively conducting sales promotions to your customers is possible.

Operating platforms
・An email delivery function that produces a steady high-speed delivery of emails at a maximum rate of 500,000 email per hour.
・Provides a user interface with outstanding ease of use that allows for the confirmation of the results of transmitted emails. With this interface, it is possible to individually confirm the cause or causes of transmission errors that may occur.
・Additionally, this email delivery system is equipped with not only a tallying feature but also complete support for the processing of error messages. A variety of settings and filtering functions are built in, such as the automatic suspension of the delivery of emails that are causing error messages. This system has been designed from an administrator's viewpoint, enabling the efficient management of email addresses to be performed.

Web design

We create a wide range of websites, from (political or sales) campaign websites to corporate websites, and offer high-level planning and designs that maximize their effective appeal, not to mention their usability.

For every supported platform, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, we handle the web design and planning, and constructing the UI for them.


We conduct import and export work in specific sectors such as medical equipments, beauty products, foods and seasonings.

Based in our company-owned warehouses, we are able to smoothly connect with many countries.


Message from the President

Winning the reliance of our customers and serving the public, these are the objectives we feel strongly about.
As a supporting partner in the growth strategies of our customers, zoom Co., Ltd. has pledged to actively and innovatively contribute to the progress of information technology. Established in December of 2007, zoom Co., Ltd. is engaged in the planning and development of internet contents, and provides various services in order to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

In order that our customers can enjoy the reliable solutions and peace of mind that come with the services we provide, every one of our well-trained and experienced employees carries a sense of professionalism and responsibility, and strives for the high-quality reliability of our planning and development services.

Zoom Co., Ltd will make every effort to contribute to the enrichment of society and people through the gratification that is had by as many of our customers as possible.

We are looking forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Takeo Jitsui, President and CEO

Company Profile

Company name

zoom Co., Ltd.


32nd floor of the Shinjuku Nomura Building, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo


December 2007


20 million yen

Specific types of business activities

Internet content planning and management
Internet advertising
Websites planning and creation
Software and web application development
Digitalization and online distribution of books, magazines, music, videos, etc.
Sales of beauty products
Online sales of food and seasonings, etc.
Logistics management